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1.Accuracy ,Versatility ,Mobility

2.Comprehensive solutions with professional focus

3.Wide range transducer family

  • High frequency linear transducer
  • L14-6Ns for superficial organs
  • Micro convex transducer C11-3s for neonatal cephalic, vascular, pediatric, abdomen and cardiology 4D volume transducer 4CD4s
  • Straight handle transvaginal transducer V10-4s and curved handle transducer V10-4Bs
  • Bi-planar array transducer 6LB7s for prostate
  • Stainless steel needle-guided brackets for transvaginal transducers

General Imaging

  • Professional clinical measurement packages cover complete clinical applications
  • Specific report templates with anatomical graphics for clinical applications
  • iStation™: on board workstation for patient information management and connectivity
  • Robust alloy case with anti-shock and anti-splash design allows diagnostic exams even in harsh environment

Point of Care

  • Dedicated POC packages: Nerve Package and Emergency & Critical Package with emergency medicine study report
  • Focused assessment with sonography in trauma(FAST)
  • Large capacity batteries with continuous scanning of more than 1.5 hours
  • Fast response, booting up in seconds


  • Free Xros M(Anatomic M mode): multi-region analysis of up to 3 sample lines simultaneously
  • Free Xros CM (Curved Anatomic M mode): evaluating myocardial motion and synchronization applied to TDI, by randomly sampling at different segments of myocardium
  • Tissue Doppler Imaging with Quantitative Analysis: providing speed parameter in TDI QA
  • Stress Echo with customizable user protocols

Obstetrics & Gynecology

  • Smart OB: accurate auto measurements of most frequently examined parameters on a single click, including BPD/HC/- FL/AC/OFD
  • Z-score: professional analysis tool for evaluate fetal heart function
  • Complete OB measurement package, including vairous fetal weight assessment formula and fetal growth curve
  • Up to 180° field of view for transvaginal imaging

Intelligent workflow

Auto Measurement:The M6 provides intelligent automatic measurement tools, reducing keystrokes, operator dependency, and exam time for improved workflow.

iTouch (One key image optimization):iTouch automatically adjusts images in B, Color and PW modes.


  • DICOM : complete DICOM solution
  • iStorage: transfer images and reports to PC directly
  • MedSight: mobile device app for image transferring

Ergonomic design

M6‘s lightweight laptop design permits easy transportation and storage. Equipped with its slim cart, the M6 is flexible and ideal for bedside examinations

Ultrasound Machine -M6

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