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Nairobi Enterprises Limited.

Who we are...

We are one of the leading providers of medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, veterinary products, surgical equipment,
medical consumables and many more, within the East African region.

As a one stop medical solution provider, we have the capability to equip a medical center, execute a national project, or implement a turnkey project from construction to equipment across the East African Region.


We pride in a flexible team with vast
experience in the healthcare industry.

With over a hundred trained professionals and 300 skilled employees, we
are able to respond with healthcare solutions
for all levels and deliver both service & quality

products in a timely fashion.


Nairobi Enterprises Limited (NEL) was established in Nairobi, Kenya in 1978.

Our massive product portfolio includes Oxygen generators and concentrators, Dental units, Hospital furniture,Anaesthesia machines, Autoclaves and sterilizers, Baby Incubators, BP Machines, Diagnostics, Disposablesand dressing, Surgical Instruments, Hollow ware, Ultra sound scanners, Doppler’s, Patient Monitors,Diathermy Machines, ECG machines, Nebulizers, suction Machines, Orthopedic implants and items, PulseOximeters, scales instrument sets, Sutures, Theatre items, PPEs among others.

serving quality

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