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Easy to use:

  • Horizontal door clip for easier close and open the door.
  • 4” LCD display with big font .
  • Ergonomics operation interface make it easy to adjust and monitor the parameters so as to reduce mistake operation.
  • Rate Mode, Drop Mode and Time Mode for wide range of applications.
  • Micro infusion speed 0.1ml/h up to high speed 1500ml/h satisfies special clinic scenario including requirements for Neonatal.
  • Software adjusting function suit for any brand of infusion sets.
  • Automatic light up while door was opened, easy to operate at night.
  • 11.1 V DC power supply, nurse call interface available. Light weight: 1.8Kg.

More safety:

  • LED alarm lamp, infusion state can be seen from a long distance. Variety of audible and visible alarms to guarantee safety infusion.
  • Ultrasound probe can detect 25ul bubble to prevent it from entering into human body and leading to aeroembolism; separate design make the tube installation easier and also reduce the risk of tube damage.
  • Patented anti-bolus system to reduce significantly bolus after occlusion sudden release. Automatic detect door closing situation can effectively prevent drug flowing and protect the tube.
  • High precision pressure sensor is able to detect down to 50mmHg within 1ms, alarm will be triggered once blocking happens.
  • Dual CPU monitors the whole infusion process in real time.
  • Built-in drip sensor to control fluids flux.
  • 800 infusion records and last configuration memory.
  • Built-in Lithium battery, over 8 hours working time after fully charged.

More precise:

  • Intelligent pulse compensation technology is to compensate infusion fluctuation and accurately adjust the infusion speed to realize safety and stable infusion.
  • The infusion tube will become harden and slow to rebound when under low temperature, which lower down infusion precision in clinic application. Intelligent heating technology is able to provide adequate temperature for infusion system from 25℃~40℃ with over temperature protection, alleviate discomfort of patient

Comen Infusion Pump - ME600

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