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1.SUS 304 stainless steel sterilizaing chamber

2.Accurate dual scale indicate pressure gauge

3.Silicone seal ensuring no steam leakage

4.Spin buttons to set sterilization temperature and time

5.Blue, orange and red light showing work status

6.Automatic release when overpressure

7.Water shortage and over heating protection

8.Easy operate, safe and reliable



Working Pressure: 0.145-0.165Mpa
Working Temp: 115-129 Degrees Centrigrade
Power: AC220V/50Hz/2.5KW     75L - AC220V/50Hz/3.5KW

Time Scope: 0-80min


Chamber Size: 35L- 300x485mm  50L- 300x545mm  75L - 300x480mm
Dimensions: 35L- 53x52x92cm    50L- 56x56x105cm    75L -62x60x109cm
NW/GW: 35L - 34kg/49kg      50L - 40kg/60kg      75L - 57kg/80kg


High Pressure Vertical Autoclave LX-C

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