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1. Frame: It is formed by Ф22mm X1.2mm high quality steel pipe welded together, with fixed handrails, adjustable foot rests, reliable locking device, good safety performance, and electrostatic spraying treatment on the surface;
2. Front wheel: 7 inch solid front wheel, with one piece stamped and formed metal crank arm, high strength and no deformation.
3. Rear wheel: 24 inch solid tire, with 36 spokes in profile, using #13 spoke; equipped with high strength double wave hand rim, with anti skid design.
4. Brake: Steel toggle brake device is adopted, the brake device is lower than the seat surface after braking, which is convenient for users to get on and off the car; the rear handle is equipped with hand brake with brake function.
5. Seat cushion: detachable high backrest, which can be fully reclined or half reclined, and the backrest angle can be adjusted in six positions; the seat cushion is made of 600D Oxford cloth, which is breathable and comfortable, and the seams are firm and neat; the U shaped toilet hole is equipped with a potty. Armrests: High quality abs hand pads are used.
6. Shield: PP plastic shield is selected.
7. Leg support: The angle of the pedal bracket is adjustable, and the angle of elevation can reach 180° from the seat surface, and there is a gravity self locking device. The leg support is made of soft material; it is equipped with high strength plastic pedals, and the height of the pedals is adjustable.
8. Seat belt: The seat is equipped with a thickened snap button seat belt.
9. Specifications: seat width 46cm, seat height 50cm, seat depth 42cm, armrest to seat height 20cm, total wheelchair width 68cm, total wheelchair height 125cm, folded width 39cm.
10. Load bearing: 100KG.

Heavy Duty Reclining Wheelchair

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