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Material: Aluminium

Motor 24v 320w DC

High Load Capacity: 120kg

Charge Time: 5 hours

Compact Sixe: 570x290x690mm after folding

Seat Width: 400mm

Seat Height: 490mm

Backrest Height: 365mm


  • Equipped with infinitely adjustable headrest, it can do anything up and down. Optional cross neck collar, good news for those with neck injuries.
  • Optional H Type safety belt, guardrail protection, improve safety performance. The all steel high strength frame is sturdy and durable, with strong bearing capacity, stable center of gravity, and comfortable ride.
  • All aluminum alloy wheels, beautiful and large Square, sturdy and durable. Using imported controller, the speed can be adjusted.
  • Dual motors, super power. Controllers fold down so you can operate them even while reclining wheelchair It adopts the drive system imported from Taiwan, with super strong climbing ability and first class obstacle surmounting ability.
  • Imported electronic intelligent brakes are adopted to ensure safe driving without slipping up and down slopes.
  • With split clutch, adjustable manual and electric mode, easy to push and shift. Imported light control system, a full set of LED lighting system, headlights 300LUX, super far irradiation, high spotlight.

Electric Standing Wheelchair

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