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1.High quality SUS304 stainless steel material

2.Dual scale indicate pressure gauge

3.Light indicate working status

4.Temperature, time of sterilization can be set

5.Water lack auto-protection

6.Over pressure auto-discharging

7.Over current auto-protection

8.Over temperature auto-protection

9..Drying function can be add(best large than 75L)


Working Pressure: 0.22Mpa
Working Temp: 100-134 Degrees Centrigrade
Power: AC220V/50Hz/2.5KW     75L - AC220V/50Hz/3.5KW       100L to 150L - AC220V/50Hz/4KW

Time Scope: 0-999min


Chamber Size: 35L- 300x485mm  50L- 320x545mm  75L - 388x480mm

                            100L- 388x630mm  120L- 460x590mm  150L - 300x700mm
Dimensions: 35L- 53x52x92cm    50L- 56x56x105cm    75L -62x60x109cm

                          100L- 63x61x118cm   120L- 66x67x121cm 150L - 67x68x128cm
NW/GW: 35L - 34kg/49kg      50L - 40kg/60kg      75L - 57kg/80kg

                   100L- 60kg/85kg    120L- 75/97kg  150L -  80kg/110kg

Vertical Autoclave LX-B

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