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Mobile and Portable with stable WIFI communication
Wired and Wireless convertible
Available for 8 hours or more with short charging time (internal battery options)


Image Matrix size: 2500x3052

Pixel Pitch: 140µm

Effective Imaging Area: 350 mm x 427.28 mm

Grayscale: 16 bit, 65,536 grayscale

Scintillator: CsI / GOS

Image Acquire & Transfer Time: Preview : less than 3 sec

Spatial resolution: 3.5 lp/mm

Battery: 7.5V, 5,500mAh

Battery Performance: More than 4 hours

Durability: IP67

Interface: Wireless : IEEE 802.11ac

Dimensions: 384 x 460 x 15 mm

Weight: 2.92 kg (Including battery)

Component: Battery charger

Bontech Xray Detector - BSD3543

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