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1. Specification: 625x475x930mm
2. Mainly composed of steel·ABS engineering plastic structure; plastic steel fo
ur-column load-bearing;
3. The upper part of the car body: the large-scale mold of the table top includ
es ABS guardrails that are not easy to slip off. The height of the three-sided A
BS guardrail is 70mm. The table is equipped with transparent soft glass. Desi
gn, anti-scratch and easy to clean;
4. The front of the car body: the central control lock can be folded, equipped
with four drawers, one or two middle drawers 120mm* inner space: 430x335x110mm three layers of large drawers 160mm* inner space: 430x335x145mm, one deep Draw surface 240mm* inner space: 430x335x220mm, 3x3 divider in the drawer, freely partitioned, anti-theft sealing slot identification plate size, 113x35mm observation window 15 degree angle for easy identification, preventing liquid and dust from entering ; The new dovetail handle is thickened and enlarged, and ergonomically inclined design;

5. Left: Sundries box;

6. Right side: ABS double dirt bucket;

7. The bottom of the car body: four luxury universal plug-in silent wheels witha diameter of 100 mm, two of which have a brake function;

8. Gross weight 30.75KG

9. Packing size: 650x510x940mm

Medicine Trolley MP-AS2515

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