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Size: 689mm×800mm×1400mm
Weight: 125kg
Entire Machine Maximum Bearing Weight: 210kg
Screen Size: 12.1” TFT touch screen
Resolution: 800 × 600
Handrail Length: 750mm
Caster wheel: 4 wheels 5” brakes;

Working Temp: 10~40°C
Humidity: ≤93%
Power Supply: 100-240V~, 50/60Hz±1Hz
Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
Battery Capacity: 4400mAh, 11.1VDC
Battery Recharging Time: Max of 4 hours for charging
Battery backup Trace: 2 hours for continuous working, Waveforms: Pressure-time; Flow rate-time; Capacity-time; ET EtCO2 concentration

Optional: Pressure-volume Loops; Flow-volume Loops; Pressure- flow Loops





The minimum tidal volume down to 5ml, the first one in China:

  • Incredible Digital Proportional Valve , imported from NORGREN.
  • Closed-loop control and real-time feedback
  • Automatic tidal volume compensation technology, including fresh gas flow rate, system compliance and system leakage compensation.
  • With calibration system, heating system and drainage system, the transducer is more accurate, with longer service life .
  • A Wide range of clinical applications: It can be used on all kinds of complicated diseases form neonates to adult.

7% high-precision sensor:The majority of manufacturers only use one sensor to monitor aspiration, while Comen’s Anesthesia Machine adopts high precision flow sensor to monitor both inspiration and aspiration at the same time with its accuracy reaches to 7%., guarantee monitoring accuracy and reliability.

Below to 65ml/min low breathing circuit leakage:

  • Integrated design, more compact and light weighted.
  • Compact and integrated breathing circuit, easy to install and sterilize.
  • Leakage rate is less than 65ml/min; fully satisfy the requirement of the low flow rate anesthesia surgery and reduce environmental pollution.


  • Proportional Solenoid valve control technology and precise volume sensor detection technology.
  • SIMV/SIMV+PS simplify the monitoring of patient with spontaneous breath and extend clinical applications .
  • Advanced pressure support ventilation (PSV+ apnea backup) determines inspiratory velocity based on patient’s condition.
  • Compliance, fresh air and leakage compensation functions ensure exact tidal volume transferred as preset.
  • Comprehensive respiratory mechanics monitoring, real-time display of waveforms and P-V, F-V and P-F loop.
  • Electronic PEEP

Electronic Flow Meter:

Instantly know the fresh gas flow to your patient.

Identifying key information quickly and easily is critical to your practice

Flow meter back light:providing a quick reference even in a darkened environment.

Excellent breathing system:

  • Compact and integrated design;
  • Closed and semi-closed system.
  • PPSU plastic circuit, corrosion resistance, long service life and fully autoclavable at 134°C .
  • Easy to disassemble and convenient to clean, save more maintenance time Built-in heater and the medium copper plate eliminate the condensation of the internal water vapor effectively.
  • CO2 bypass facilitates soda lime exchange during operating without any care about leakage.

One-hand installation and dismount of soda lime canister:

  • Can be replaced during operation .
  • Quick, convenient and hygienic .
  • Directly pull the handle without rotation.
  • Compared with double-hand, one-hand operation keeps doctors further away from the canister waste.

Brightness adjustable deck light:

  • Provides work area illumination.

Roomy workbench:1170cm2 working space, fully satisfy various kinds of needs.

Modular design (optional):Incorporate anesthesia related monitoring functions like AG, EtCO2, BIS; Modular design in anesthesia machine to achieve resources sharing; Plug and play, flexible configuration; Reduce medical costs, facilitate clinical work.

Rotatable and lockable roomy drawer.

Auxiliary Oxygen supply.

Integration and promotion(Optional):

support external GCX bracket .

Comen’s modular monitor optional, such as C90 .

Auxiliary power supply, easier and more convenient.

AGSS (Optional):Effective removal of anesthesia gases from the working area.

ACGO (Optional):The cover has the function of a switch, once it was open, the gas would flow automatically.

Quick O2:The pressure against evaporator is less than 1.6kPa under quick O2 supply condition, no influence to anesthetic gases concentration hence to guarantee stability and safety.

Central brake system (AX-700)​​​​​​​:Time-saving, convenient and easy to use

Anesthesia Machine - AX700

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