Root Canal Treatment Instrument


MC-RT Root-canal Treatment Instrument is the supplementary instrument which can assist the dentists to shape more standard root-canal in the process of root-canal treatment based on the micro-electronic control technology. This instrument contributes to alleviate the dentist’s working intensity. The features are as follows: 1. 5 settings for adjustable rotational speed ranging from 125 to 625rpm. 2. If the torque of the enlarging needle exceeds the regulated value, the needle of the handpiece will reverse to avoid the break-off . 3. Preset rotational speed procedure for easy choice in the treatment. 4. Easy operating with LCD screen-what you see, what you get. 5. Build-in battery for easy operation. MAIN TECHNICAL INDEX 1. Voltage: DC18V 2. Current: <500mA 3. Power: 9w 4. Speed: 125-625 rpm 5. Torque: 0-20mn*m 6. Display: reflecting LCD screen 7. Battery: chargeable Li-on battery 3.7V×4



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