Dental Chair Unit Gnatus G3 New H


Technical Specifications

Product Rating: According to NBR IEC 60601-1 ; Voltage: 127/220 V ~ selectable ; Frequency: 50/60 Hz ; Type of protection against electric shock: Class I Equipment ; Degree of protection against electric shock: Type B applied part ; Water leak protection: IPX0 – Each examination chair, except for pedal IPX1 – Pedal control ; Power input: 200VA ; Protection fuses: F1 and F2 (127 or 220V ~) = 5A – delayed action ; Lifting capacity: 200 kg of distributed load (patient weight and equipment + accessories) ; Maximum capacity of applied loading trays of intravenous assemblies: Syncrus H line – 1kgf line / Syncrus F – 2Kgf.




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