D2 Scaler


1: Main unit input 220V~240V 50Hz/60Hz 50mA 2: Output primary tip vibraton excurson <100 μ m 3:Output half-excursio force <2N 4:Output tip vibration frequenc 28kHz ± 3kHz 5:Output power 3W to 20W 6:Main unit fuse T0.5AL 250V 7: Water pressure 0.01Mpa to 0.5 MPa D2 scaler features: 1-The silicon-cover can be autoclaved to high temperature 135°c and hih pressure 0.22 Mpa 2- Automatic frequency tracking ensures that the mahcine always work on the best frequency and more steadily 3-Digitally controlled, easy operation and more efficient for scaling



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