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:Multi-function 4 electro-motor surgical table
:Sponge mattress
: Stainless steel cover
Technical parameters:
- Length: 2000±50mm
- Width: 500mm±20mm
- Lowest and highest table height: (750-1000) ± 50mm
- Forward lean: ≥28°
- Backward lean: ≥18°
- Left/right lean: ≥18°
- Head board up/down: ≥90°
- Kidney Elevator: ≥120mm
- Leg Board down: ≥90°
- Leg evagination: ≥90°
- Back board up: ≥80°
- Back board down: ≥35°
- Power: AC 220V 50Hz
- Input power: 500VA
Main Feature
All set of control system adopts high quality electric motor which made in China, get CE certification, low noise and much more safety.
Widen table width to fit the current clinical requirements. The table is divided into five activities: head board, back board, built-in kidney elevator, hip board, leg board
Electric motor rise the back board; Leg board can be replication, outreach and removable, convenient for adjusting and urinary surgery
Operation table base has fix or movement function, flexible movement and stable fix, different function accessories can be provided for different surgery needed
Square lifting column is made by Germany, which has 4 times safety factor and 8 fasteners which can make it stable
Machine design is in line with IEC60601-2-46, different accessories can be configured to suit the different needs of surgery
7. The operation table has excellent function, elegant appearance, easy to operate. Memory mattress, smooth, moisture proof, antistatic, corrosion resisting, soft, comfortable and high resilience

Operating Table Electric - MT2000

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