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This operation table is used for the surgeries of chest ,abdomen ,
ophthalmology,obstetrics,and urology,etc.It has the following advantages:
The board can shift longitudinally. It is made of Transparent material can be X-ray or
scan when using along with C-ARM .
The board is controlled by electric handspike to move up and down, lean from left to right and
move back and forth.
The leg board is dismantable. It is manual rotation and could be outreached with the force from
the spring and gravity, convenient for urology surgery.
Model: BT667E
Specification: Size:2100*500*750-1000mm
Waist bridge:120mm
Longitudinal displacement:300mm
Supply AC 220±10% 50Hz
Packing size:1450x930x780mm,1pc/ctn
Capacity weight:135kg
Function: Headrest:-45°~90°
Lateral Tilt ≥15°
Swiveling of leg plate:90°
Lateral adjustment:20°
Material: Stainless steel +PU +Compact
Stainless steel structure
Bed board is made of compact panel
PU mattress
Stainless steel screen holder
Stainless steel knee crutches with PU cushion
Accessories: 1pc central brake pedals
4pcs wheels
1pc electric cable
1pc remote control handset
1pair knee crutches
1pair armrest holder
1pair shoulder holder

1pc screen holder.



Optional: step stool
Other: Warranty:1year
Lead time:35-45day
Transportation and stockpile environmental conditions
a)Environmental temperature:-40℃~+55℃。
b)Relative humidity:≤80%。
c)Atmospheric pressure:50kPa~106kPa。
Moving environmental conditions
a)Environmental temperature:5℃~40℃。
b)Relative humidity:≤70%。
c)Atmospheric pressure: 70.0kPa~106.0kPa。

Hydraulic Operating Table - 3008

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