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1.Full SUS 304 stainless steel

2.PID Microcomputer Control heating, air release, temperature, time and steam realease

3.LED digital display sterilization temperature and time
4.Hand wheel quick open door
5.Double safety interlocking system to ensure safe
6.Automatic release when overpressure
7.Water shortage and over heating protection
8.Tempered glass anti-scald protection
9.Sound-light alarm when sterilization finished
10.Drying function can be addes if customer need (best more than 75L)


Working Pressure: 0.22Mpa
Working Temp: 100-134 Degrees Centrigrade
Power: 35L & 50L - AC220V/50Hz/2.5KW     75L - AC220V/50Hz/3.5KW       100L - AC220V/50Hz/4KW

Time Scope: 0-9999min


Chamber Size: 35L- 318x420mm  50L- 318x530mm  75L - 388x480mm   100L- 388x630mm  
Dimensions: 35L- 55x54x100cm    50L- 57x55x109cm    75L -62x62x121cm   100L- 62x62x131cm
NW/GW: 35L - 44kg/65kg      50L - 49kg/73kg      75L - 71kg/91kg   100L- 74kg/103kg

Hand Wheel & Digital Vertical Autoclave LX-B

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