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Standard Configuration

Manual defibrillation, AED, 5-lead ECG, RESP, Thermal Recorder


Application For use in the ICU, surgical rooms, emergency area or during emergency life threatening situations. For adults and pediatrics


Size: 323mm×277mm×338mm

Weight: Standard Device: 6.55 kg (without battery)

Standard Device + Paddles: 7.2 kg (without battery)

Standard Device + Paddles: 7.9kg (with 1 battery)

Screen Size: 8.4” TFT screen Resolution 800 × 600

Waveforms: 5 waveforms 6 waveforms for 12-lead ECG

Ingress Protection: IP44 (without external power)

Brightness: Manual from 1 to 100

Comen S8 - Defibrillator

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