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K1 is a part of K series patient monitor family, in ICU or OR, it can be used as a plug-and-play

multi-parameter module. K1 directly connects to K series modular patient monitor to transfer patient data. This solution provides advanced measurements for high-acuity patients.

10Hr Battery Life.

K1 delivers basis measurements including 3/5/6/12-lead ECG with ST and QT analysis, respiration, NIBP, SpO,
temperature, built-in sidestream EtCO and dual IBP.
With Module Rack, K1 supports one extended module and provides advanced measurements including
mainstream/sidestream EtCO, dual IBP, invasive cardiac output(C.O.), BIS, AG, NMT, RM and Rainbow SpO2.
Besides, K1 specially supports apnea wake-up function for infants.
Providing accurate and flexible measurements, K1 ensures comprehensive patient monitoring across all
levels of hospital care during transport or at the bedside.

Comen NC3 - Vital Signs Monitor

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