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Main feature:
1). Shadowless effect
Shadowless operation light is combinated with LED light, fixed position with the computer’s precise calculation to reach the perfect shadowless condition. It has high performance in the brightness, depth and spot size
2.). Natural color:Mingtai LED light is focused on improving the CRI and color temp, makes doctor works on the natural and comfortable light
3.) Suitable for laminar flow operating room
The flat and streamline designed operation light, with low heat producing LED, reduce lamp panel’s effect to laminar flow
4.)Excellent cool light: The light adopts LED as light source. During long operation, temperature increase at surgical site is < 2°c and upon surgeon's head <0.5 °c. Low temperature increase is good for long operation as well as fast wound heal.
5. Spiral LED spatial arrangement not only provides better focus depth, but also avoid refocus in the process of surgery.Use centralized control method to ensure that single damaged LED doesn’t affect surgery illumination.
6. Energy saving effect: At the same brightness, LED power consumption is only 1/10 of incandenscent lam, 1/2 of halogen lamp.
7. Environmental friendly: The light is impact resistance, recyclable, free of mercury, infrared and ultraviolet.
8. Long service life: 60,000 hours service life. It is 10 times of halogen lamp, avoiding frequent replacement of lamps during life span. Soft start device ,also can be extend the light life. it can be used 15 years.

LED 48 Operating Theatre Light

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