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Generator Output 8 kW as per ISI (IS: 7620-Part-I).
mA 100 mA
mAs Range upto 200
kVp RANGE 40 to 100 kVp in Steps of 2 kVp/Step
Digital Display kV, mA & mAs
X-Ray Tube Type Stationary Anode
Focal Spot 2.8 mm²
Collimator Manually operated with light beam diaphragm
Collimator ON/OFF From Control Panel
Control Panel Digital Control Panel with Alphnumeric LCD (20x4)
Anatomical Programming 155 Programs
Memory to retain last selected factor
Other Features Pre-Set Factors
Self Diagnostic Programming
Stand Fixed Stand (Floor to Ceiling)
Hand Switch Dual action
Power Supply 230 V (±10%) AC 50 Hz, Single Phase,15 Amps, Line Resitance of < 0.4 Ohms
BPL Plano – Horizontal Table
Compatible Tables BPL Multio – Multi Position Table
BPL Floato – Table with Floating Top
BPL Moto – Motor Driven Table
Optional Vertical Bucky Stand

BPL X Rad300 - X Ray Machine

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