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BPL M-Rad 3.6 Plus is an Ultra High Frequency digital mobile X-Ray solution that combines unique design & superior image quality at low radiation dosage, which is ideal for patient wards, intensive care, operating rooms etc.


Adjustable Collimator with high luminescence lamp for easier & faster positioning

3.5 kW Generator Output

110 KHz high frequency generator

Smaller focal support (1.5 mm2) for superior image quality

Semi concealed cable design for advantage in hospital environment

Error indication to minimize downtime


Generator Output : 3.5 KW
Type : 110 kHz
mA Range : 20 - 70
mAs Range : 0.2 to 200
KVP RANGE : 40 to 110 kVp in steps of 1 kVp/ step
X-Ray Tube Type : Stationary Anode
Focal Spot : 1.5 mm²
Collimator : Manually operated with light beam diaphragm
Control Panel (without APR) : Display of kV & mAs
control panel (with APR) : Display of KVp, mA, mAs
Other Features : Self-diagnostic Programming
Stand : Gas Spring mobile stand with dual arm to keep the tubehead always straight during the arm up/down movement
Hand Switch : Dual Action
Power Supply : 230 V(±10%) AC 50 Hz, Single Phase, 15Amps

BPL MRad 3.6

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